Maintenance is based on actions and attitudes that promote personal health care. We can define as a concept of health maintenance: the prospective aspects of health promotion and disease prevention based on age, sex, risk factors, health level, which are applied at intervals, determined by the epidemiological evidence through the individual and family life cycle in apparently healthy or asymptomatic people.

Simply put, it entails periodic preventive actions against diseases or anything that poses a threat to good health.


Use food as if it were a preventive treatment: choose foods that nourish, prevent diseases or do not cause them.

Exercise regularly to avoid diseases.

Be consistent in caring for oneself. It does not make sense to diet or exercise if afterwards we take risks with avoidable accidents or reckless behaviors.

Maintain the ideal weight. Overweight is like a toxic load for the metabolism of our body.

Live as calmly as circumstances permit.

Do psychic exercise by training the mental muscles, doing daily activities that enhance calculation, memory, logic, humor, empathy, compassion and intuition.

Maintain a healthy social network of family, friends, colleagues and neighbors.

Sleep between 7 and 9 hours a day. The emotions and many processes of our body require adequate rest, without interruptions.

Keep your emotions in check. Emotional balance is as important as body balance.

Indulge in remedial massage, as it helps to stimulate blood supply, improve joint mobility, and helps to repair damaged tissues. It has also proven to be an excellent way of combating stress. It is known to promote muscle relaxation, and improves both mood and the quality of sleep. 

Meditation is also another great way to cool off. It benefits your health in many ways, one of which is relaxation, as well as helping you against anxiety and depression. 

You can also sign up for yoga classes. Yoga helps you build strength, awareness and harmony in both the mind and body.


With maintenance healthcare, you are able to arrest a negative  health situation before it manifests itself. With it, you spend less money than you would have done in the later stage.  it is faster, less complicated and it is undoubtedly more effective. So, the major benefit for an regular physical exam (checkup) is simply to make your life easier by keeping your healthier for longer.

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