5 Reasons

to experience Total Essence

You will receive a treatment from one of our Highly Qualified Remedial Therapists.

We take the time to know our Clients, and in that knowing, we can offer the best level of care. 

All of our treatments are offered in a Relaxing atmosphere in superior treatment rooms.

We offer a range of techniques and modalities, including Dry Needling, Hot Stone Massage, Vibrosaun & Low Level Laser Therapy.

We provide the convenience of HICAPS allowing you to make the most of your Private Health.



Engage & Educate

Being aware of where you’re at right now is a good starting point. Learning to listen to your Mind and Body is critical to begin the process of living a life pain and stress free. You need to know how and where to start, your daily level of pain and stress doesn’t have to be normal.


Communicate & Create 

Through effective communication and building open and receptive relationships with your Healthcare Team, you will achieve more effective and longer lasting results from each treatment. When you create the right Team and have a tailored plan in place, everything is possible.


Prioritise & Perform 

You need to understand that prioritising yourself and your health is worth investing in. The implications of not looking after yourself do not outweigh the time and money you save by not. When you implement action steps into your day to day, you are able to achieve more with calmness.