Everyone feels stress from time to time; it could be linked to an issue at work, upcoming exams, unexpected commitments, the famous lack of time, among several other factors. 

The problem is that trying to eliminate stress and not achieving it only makes you feel more stress and also makes your daily routine a labyrinth with no way out. Things get worse because we drag the stress 24 hours, which directly affects our health and well-being.

The good news is that eliminating stress (and even preventing it) is very easy and fun, and you’re about to find out excellent ways that can help you to have more days of relaxation. Take a deep breath, exhale gently and read on.

A mind with stress sustained for a long time seriously affects everything else in your life: your health, your productivity, your self-esteem, your relationships, etc. This happens because a healthy lifestyle includes 3 fundamental parts: physical, mental and social. All of equal importance.

When one of these parts is not in an optimal state, it affects all others. Therefore, it is extremely important that we try to eliminate stress in a healthy way and above all, learn to prevent it.


Meditation is undoubtedly a great way to cool off and relax your mind and body. Spend a little bit of your time closing your eyes, breathing and trying to listen to your body.

Your problems might pop up in your head, but don’t try to run after them, just observe them without doing anything; this will give you the  peace and tranquility you desire.


Virtually any form of movement (even walking down the aisle) can act as a stress reliever. Exercise  makes you feel good because it increases the production of endorphins, a substance that gives you that feeling of satisfaction.

In addition, regular exercise increases your confidence in you, relaxes you and decreases the symptoms associated with depression and anxiety. There is more: exercise can also improve your sleep quality, which is affected by prolonged stress. Awakening with energy helps you to stay calmer. Together, meditating and exercising will have a positive effect on both your mind and your body. Together they are like Batman and Robin to fight the villain that is, stress


It is important to create space for you to relax and indulge in your hobbies or any other pleasant activity that allows you to disconnect from your daily tasks. If at the end of the week you consider that you only live to work or for other obligations, it is likely that you will generate pessimistic and negative thoughts about your situation and this may lead you to situations of sadness, anxiety or despair.


Studies have shown that Massage Therapy is a great tool to combat, not only pain, but stress. It promotes muscle relaxation, and improves both mood and the quality of sleep. One particular study found that subjects experienced a drop in cortisol levels (a hormone that contributes to stress), after undergoing a Massage.

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