Welcome to your Health Score Card


I have body aches and pains

I often get headaches

I have clear Health & Lifestyle Goals

I get 8 hours of quality sleep a night

I am stiff & sore when I get up in the morning

I actively seek help when I am in pain

I have signs & symptoms of stress

I put others needs before my own

I have a variety of strategies to help me relax

I keep pushing through and I don't let pain slow me down

I always inform my Therapist of any ache, pain & ailment that arises

I understand the importance of regular maintenance treatments

I only seek treatment from Qualified Remedial Therapists

I complete Medical History paperwork fully & accurately

I find it difficult to find the right Therapist to suit my needs

I have a great team of Practioners that work together to keep me going

I schedule my yearly health care appointments at the start of every year

I am comfortable enough with my Healthcare Team to ask them indepth questions about my health

I use all of my Private Health allowance every year

I know which Heath Practioner to see first when I'm in pain

I have taken some 'Me' time today

I know how to prioritise myself

I am too busy to schedule regular treatments

I don't plan Health Care & only seek an appointment on the day (where ever that may be)

I always commit to the plan that my Therapist maps out for me

I plan my daily routine & habits

I get up throughout the day to move/stretch

My life is relaxed & calm

I know how to manage my pain & stress

I know how to stay accountable for my health

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