Growing up surrounded by Natural Health, Massage and Counselling, it seemed a natural pick for me to choose Remedial Massage as a career and I had already known my life’s passion and purpose from a young age. As a 16 year old, I completed work experience with a Beauty Therapy college, followed by a Physiotherapy business in Brisbane, to me combining both of these experiences was the perfect mix of ‘fix it’ and ‘feel good’.

My first job as a Remedial Therapist was at a neighbourhood Beauty Salon and so I decided to replicate the beautiful surrounds of the salon when I set up my home clinic for Massage – the elegant draping of towels and cozy blankets, ambient lighting, glass of water of my clients , all the little extras that I feel make a better overall customer experience. I then started working from a room within a gym in Brisbane City where I treated injuries, injury prevention & stress management for my busy clients.

Through all this I got a thorough understanding of my clients wanting to live life to the fullest, but also needing some down time to cope with their very busy lives. Although I worked in the hectic environment of a gym, my Massage room was where my clients could come to destress, work through their ailments and then return to their day refreshed.

After having all of these experiences as a Remedial Therapist I started to create a picture of the perfect combination of all of these, and I asked myself one question, ’why couldn’t I provide a beautiful environment with a luxury feel but still treat in a Remedial sense for regular and ongoing care?’.

I Established Total Essence Remedial Massage Centre 15 years ago in a small room In Paradise Point, and I’ve made sure to stay in the area ever since, as it’s close to my heart and the beautiful childhood memories of coastal holidays with my family. Total Essence and the Team has moved and expanded several times; every few years – first starting out with 1 room, then 2 and now 4 beautiful treatment rooms.

Each time we’ve moved, our Community has found it easier to find us, hence we’ve grown quicker with each move. Total Essence has now grown to a team of 10 of highly qualified and experienced therapists, each with their own unique style and skill.

My focus remains on creating an exceptional customer experience for every client who visits us. I believe that it is the small things that make the big experience; like remembering stories, family members, preferred treatment types, and personalised treatment specifications. We treat every client coming through the door as individuals with individual needs.

Throughout my career I have been able to build amazing connections with clients that have followed me throughout my whole journey and Total Essence’s expansion in Paradise Point. These special clients have also been a part of my personal journey, including my marriage to Andy and the addition of my gorgeous little 2 year old, Fleur. Connecting with my clients and the community is what I love doing and being a part of a small local Community where I know everyone’s name and they know mine is an added bonus!

So here we are in Paradise Point with a well established, reputable business and my passion continues to be for people to gain a high level of care with the best outcomes, using a combination of amazing hands-on therapists and targeted results technologies. We don’t try to be a ‘jack of all trades’, we are a ‘master of one’. We are the only business on the Coast like it, solely focused on Remedial treatments – delivering total body solutions.

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